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Nordic North Yorkshire offers taster sessions, Learn to Nordic Walk Courses and regular walks across North Yorkshire and Teesside. Join us to experience the positive effects of exercising outdoors for fitness and wellbeing, both in the body and in the mind.

Nordic Walking is an enhanced walking technique which is one of the most inclusive, flexible and sociable exercise activities available to anyone

  • Fun way to become more active.
  • Suitable for all age groups and abilities.
  • Can be tailored to meet the client’s needs and abilities.
  • Learn the technique in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Uses 90% of body muscles.
  • Outdoor activity with plenty of fresh air, whatever the weather and time of year.
  • Nordic Walking Freedom Passport and Membership on completion of course giving you discounts with our affiliated companies such as Go Outdoors, Blacks and many more

So if you are not used to exercising, recovering from illness, feeling down, have aching joints …or just tired of the gym then come along join us on a free taster session. Maybe we can get those muscles working with a chat, smile, and a laugh along the way!

90% of success is turning up, let Nordic North Yorkshire take care of the rest.

Faye Broder

Hello, I am Faye and although a relative newcomer to Nordic Walking I really have felt inspired to become an Instructor in order to share my joy and passion in this exercise.

People discover Nordic Walking for different reasons, as an owner of a high energy Boxer Dog, Ruby. I was spending a few hours a day walking and I was looking to enhance fitness without joining a gym and this fitted in perfectly to my lifestyle at the time. Often exploring parks and hills I could Nordic Walk as part of my normal routine.

I returned from living abroad in Asia in 2015 and when you experience a couple of years without seasons it makes you appreciate what North Yorkshire and the UK has to offer, with weather and beautiful landscapes.

If I was to describe how I felt once I had discovered and exercised by Nordic Walking I would say ‘Hygge for the Heart’ and to use the description of Hygge from the dictionary ‘comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment’.

But why do I want to inspire you, exercise should be for everyone young and old. We only have one life and we should be live it for as long as possible. In the happiest, healthiest way.


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